Duple Documentation and Tutorials

We are always working on improving Duple by adding new features and fixing bugs. We thought it'd be quite cool and useful to share our short term roadmap with you, it allows you to see what we are doing and working on right now.

Last update 6 Oct 2020

What We Are Currently Working On

Health Check
We are working on a health check system to prevent corruption and desynchronization of the database. Duple will automatically fix everything in case a problem occurs.

What's Next On the list

Automatic Updates
Right now to update Duple you need to download the new version and install it manually. The automatic update feature will update the app in the background without any intervention from the user.

Fritz!Box v6
This feature enables the Automatic Mode to configure the Fritz!Box v6 routers in one click. We only support Fritz!Box v7 right now. If you have a Fritz!Box running Fritz!OS v6, you can update it using these instructions.

Access From Anywhere With The Automatic Mode
The Automatic Mode doesn't configure the Access From Anywhere feature, it is only available through the Advanced Mode. We will soon add this feature to the Automatic Mode.

IPv6 Support With The Automatic Mode
Right now the Automatic Mode doesn't work on IPv6 only routers. This feature will allow the Automatic Mode to configure IPv6 only routers. You can always configure an IPv6 router manually using the Advanced Mode.

What We Will Optimize Later

The maximum speed of the technology is around 40 MB/s (you can test it using a local usb storage), however by using the SFTP/FTPS connection mode the speed drops down to 1-2 MB/s due to some problems with the network stack. This will be optimized later.