Duple Documentation and Tutorials

We are distributing our app using a NSIS installer. You need at least Windows 7 to run Duple.

1. Download Duple

You can go to the download page or use these direct links:

You can find out if you have a 32bit or 64bit operative system in Settings -> System.

2. Install Duple

Double click on the installer you just downloaded. It will launch Duple once it has finished.

You're good to go! You can now use Duple.

Windows Defender

If you activated Windows Defender SmartScreen, you may see a popup that looks like this:

Nothing to worry about!
It just means we didn't sign our app yet with Microsoft. Just click on Run anyway to continue.
If the Run anyway button doesn't appear, click on More info. If it still doesn't appear, you need to set SmartScreen to warning instead of blocking: Windows Security -> App & browser control.