Duple Documentation and Tutorials

This is a list of the known bugs, problems and missing features of Duple. We are working very hard to fix them. If you find more let us know.

General Bugs

  • When shutting down the computer without stopping Duple, the app doesn't start again at the next start.
  • Duple doesn't start if the Duple folder is deleted.
  • DupleCLI gets a SEGFAULT with some Linux (like Fedora 29).
  • On macOS, when connecting/creating a cloud, an error 2213002 or 2545002 may appear. Start again the connecting/creating processus until the error disapears.

Lack of Features

  • There is no update mechanism yet, you will have to download the app again if you want a new release.
  • The app backups each version of files (even deleted ones) in the private cloud. However the interface to restore them (deleted or old file version) is not available yet. When it will be, you will be able to restore anything since you started using the app, not just since the restore functionality is available.
  • The technology has been designed to preserve the lifespan of the storage. It will only query it to check for updates when the app starts. After that, the technology checks for updates when forced with --update, when a modification has been made locally (synchronizing local data) or if a device sends over the P2P network that an update is available. However the P2P network interconnecting the devices is not available yet. If you want to download updates regularly you can set a crontab with duplecli --update every X min depending on your needs. Querying regularly your storage prevents it from going into sleep mode, and reduce its lifespan. Use it carefully, or wait for the P2P network functionality.

Missing Optimization

  • The maximum speed of the technology is around 40 MB/s (you can test it using a local usb storage), however by using the SFTP connection mode the speed drops down to 1-2 MB/s due to some problems with the network stack. This will be optimized later.

You can report new bugs at bug@duple.io.